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Whilst you should not put cost before experience, you will still need to opt to instruct an agency which offer cheap private investigator fees that you can afford to pay. Watkins Ward offer cheap private investigator fees.

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Infact, we offer a price match, price promise - so you can be assured of the best professional private investigator service, with the best value. Private investigators and detectives undertake a wide variety of work, so if you require specialist services such as tracing telephone numbers, cheating partner investigations or asset searches, choose carefully. Confidentiality is an integral element of private investigations.

Are they fully GDPR complaint? Do they offer Non disclosure agreements without any charge? Bless you!

How much information do you have?

Some people falsely claim they are looking for a lost love or family member when in reality they could be intent on stalking someone, seeking to rob, kidnap or assault the person they want us to locate. We recognize and appreciate that most people are sincere and they do have a legitimate reason to want to locate someone.

In the event, you are unable to provide evidence or acceptable proof that you are legally or directly associated with the person you are seeking to find we will upon locating that person ask them for their authorization to release their contact information to you. Should the person we find not authorize the release of their contact information it will not be released to you.

Find a Missing Person – Database Search

This will help you know a little bit more about the personality of the investigator you intend to use. Previous clients usually leave reviews to either recommend or warn others of the service offered by the PI in question. Also, you can check with lawyers or other law enforcers, basically, you need to do some form of background check on the PI you intend to use.

Insurance policy is very important, so ensure to check if the PI is insured.

Missing Persons in the UK and abroad

In the event that something goes wrong during the investigation, it is important that both you and the PI are protected. Also watch out for warning signs and how the PI relates with you, immediately you get a hunch of something not spelling out right, call it off and look for another private investigator. Both you and the PI need to come clean and be honest with each other, that is the only way the investigation can yield any positive results. When hiring a private investigator to find someone, you need to provide as much information as you can. Relevant information like pictures, documents, addresses, etc will be needed.

After that, you must be ready to answer all questions correctly, discuss payment and schedule a follow-up meeting. While we are investigating and tracking down whoever you are interested in, you would need to be very patient and wait for updates and feedback. In order to work smoothly with us, you must be very calm in anticipation of a positive result. Over the years, we have been proven useful in various situations, especially finding people who are either laying low or have been abducted.

Person Search – Private Investigators

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