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While not a new concept, by the start of the s the trend emerged of SUVs being built with car frames for lighter weight. Known as Crossovers, these four-wheel-drive vehicles, but built for road use, have led to the arrival of fuel efficient Hybrid models.

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Markets such as the UK have also begun embracing the idea of the bigger vehicle. And that popularity means appearance has never been more important. From its humble beginnings as a taxi-like service and its importance for military use to its introduction to the consumer market, the history of the SUV shows that spaciousness, off-road capabilities, high ground clearance and towing abilities have always mattered to customers. Nowadays, the SUV combines space, comfort, technology and looks, serving as a sports car and minivan in one.

How the modern SUV wrote history

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The History of Lexus

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By downloading content, you accept the terms of use. The history of the SUV - In the beginning One of the earliest examples is the Depot Hack from the s, which was used to transport people and their luggage from train stations, or depots. The s The s brought us higher gas prices and tighter regulations on emissions, resulting in the advent of vehicles like the minivan. The s and 90s Things started to look a lot more like the SUV we know today thanks to better global economic conditions led by the USA.

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  8. SUV history repeats itself While not a new concept, by the start of the s the trend emerged of SUVs being built with car frames for lighter weight. Read more. With its major inventions and its myriad of successes, Peugeot has written most of the finest pages of automotive history.

    And with new challenges for the 21st century, the Peugeot adventure endlessly pursues its path. The is the first car produced after the war. The Pininfarina-designed embraces angular lines. The increase in glazed surfaces rhymes with modernism and elegance and contrasts greatly with the models of the s.

    In , the is equipped with the first direct-injection engine. Intended for a middle-class clientele, it also ranked No.

    JEEP Evolution - Jeep History From 1940 - 2018

    As a result of its style and its stature, it is adopted by the most senior government officials. The first turbo diesel engine commercialized in Europe is integrated into the