When Will I Need My Company's EIN?

Fill out the registration form online, or download it, complete it and mail it to the agency.

Texas Online Tax Registration Application

Registration requires your business owner name, telephone number, mailing and physical addresses, and your organization's age and primary business. You might also need to provide your federal tax ID number and an email address. Check the mail for your state tax registration packet.

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It will include your tax ID number and other information that might be helpful to a new business owner in your state. Laverne O'Neal, an Ivy League graduate, published her first article in A former theater, dance and music critic for such publications as the "Oakland Tribune" and Gannett Newspapers, she started her Web-writing career during the dot-com heyday.

O'Neal also translates and edits French and Spanish. Her strongest interests are the performing arts, design, food, health, personal finance and personal growth. Video of the Day.

What's Next?

How to Get a Permit for a Flea Market. Laverne O'Neal. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Register your business with the secretary of state's office for your state.

Step 2 Obtain a federal tax ID number, also known as an employer identification number, if your business has employees. Step 3 Register your business with your state's revenue department or other tax authority.


An employer can accept an ITIN from an individual for tax purposes for filling out a W-4 form at hire, for example. ITIN's are for tax reporting purposes only; the number cannot be used for identification purposes.

Get federal and state tax ID numbers

Although it's labeled as an identifier for "employers," you don't have to have employees to need an EIN. In addition to being used for paying business income taxes, an Employer ID is used for other situations:.

Find Federal Tax ID Numbers Faster - EIN Search Training Clip hansiconpo.tk

Read more about when your business might need an EIN. Banks often require a new business to have an EIN before they can open a business bank account. To apply for an Employer Id Number EIN , use one of these four easy application methods , including an online application. If you do business in a state, including having income, hiring employees or selling goods or services , you will also need to get a state tax identification number for other state identification purposes, like sales taxes.

This number is issued when you register with your state department of revenue.

Obtaining Business Licenses

A credit privacy number CPN is used in place of a Social Security Number, in some cases, to keep transactions more private. There are pros and cons to using a CPN.

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They are often marketed as helping you improve your credit rating, but that's not true. They may have some benefit in specific situations. Read more about these benefits and drawbacks to the CPN. More About Backup Withholding.

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