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Public records request Submit a public records request to the Department of Correction. Search this organization Search this organization Search. The Department of Correction oversees the state prison system, managing inmates at 16 institutions across the state. Featured Items.

Charles county inmate search

Find an inmate with Vinelink. Visiting an inmate in a Massachusetts Prison.

Find a prison. Submit a public records request to the Department of Correction. Intern with us. The information is available for review by submitting an open records request from the Worcester County Commissioners Office.

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Maryland Inmate Locator & Search

All calls are a maximum of 15 minutes with a warning given one minute before the end of the call. Local Calls All long distance calls As part of its role to help inmates complete as many calls as possible, ICS has established pre-paid and collect procedures.

As soon as your purchase is completed, the inmate will be able to call you at the phone number you designate. You can also call the toll-free customer service center at 1

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