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The list was updated periodically. Frank M. Lenz and Richard T.

Kelley early in the archdiocese's bankruptcy. Survivors had sought the release of the documents, and the archdiocese had opposed a release, until it became clear that Kelley intended to unseal at least some files. On the archdiocesan website, the List of Clergy Offenders see also a cached PDF of the list was transformed into a portal for accessing the documents: each name, previously not explained, was linked to a description, which was in turn linked to the priest's file and a timeline.

The diocese also released an interesting file called Release of Names: Notes on the process to release the clergy offender names in Reilly was not deceased , adding assignments for a number of priests, and adding three more priests, Emala, Kemper, and Pratt. The revised article is accessible on the diocesan homepage by expanding the "News" items.

The list is mostly a list of accused diocesan priests, but it includes a Benedictine Fr. Roger R.

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James F. Pratt SJ. The list provides dates of birth, ordination, retirement, and death. Sometime a date of dismissal from the priesthood is provided; sometimes just the year. Those "new" accused priests were: Fr.

Edward James Cleary, Fr. James Arthur Rudisill, Fr. Edward Albert Walenga, Msgr. William Floyd Davis, and Fr. Joseph L. That updated list unfortunately has the same URL as the old list. Anderson also posted photographs of the priests, which we have cached.

Lists of Accused Priests Released by Dioceses and Religious Institutes

The diocesan list linked to assignment histories for the priests. In addition, we have cached the assignment record provided by Anderson for Fr. Germain Kunz , an accused priest not included on the jointly released list, along with a document posted by Anderson as evidence of the Kunz allegation. Anderson announced the list at a press conference at which two survivors of abuse by Fr.

At that press conference, Anderson stated that files for the accused priests would be released, and that his firm had worked or was working with 30 Roney victims, 13 Henrich victims, 12 Fitzgerald victims, and 14 Skoblik victims. The list does not include religious order priests, brothers, or sisters, or extern priests.

It provides no information on assignments and no description of the allegations. The list is in three parts: 1 credibly accused archdiocesan priests, 2 accused priests "awaiting final canonical or archdiocesan disposition of allegations," and 3 priests accused in the IRCP process, when those claims were judged eligible. One of the "new" ones is Bishop James F. McCarthy, removed for alleged sexual misconduct with adult women, but not previously known to have been accused of abuse of a minor.

We have not included Fr. John Voglio on this list of newly accused persons, because he seems to be the same priest as Fr. Melican, Mortimer Murphy, Arthur E. Daniel M. Norbert's Abbey released a list of Norbertines with credible allegations. We cached a copy of the original list and the letter. The original list included a name in error, and left out several others. George St. Jean OMI, Fr. Joseph Owens SJ, and Fr. John F. Dority OFM. Two priests on the list, Rev. The remaining five were new names: Revs.

The United States Province of the Oblates has not itself, as far as we know, posted the list. Nor was the order required to disclose the names of credibly accused priests from its other four former provinces. The disclosure of the Central Province names was a nonmonetary provision of the settlement in late February of Doe 30 v.

Doe 30's lawsuit , alleging abuse of the year-old Doe 30 by Fr. Guthmann dismissed the claims against the Diocese of New Ulm. Guthmann granted Duluth's motion in part, but denied its motion to dismiss Doe 30's negligent supervision claim.

Building a Better Apple

Beyond a three-line introduction at the top of the list, no description or explanation was provided by the diocese. We have cached a copy of the article. The list comprised 28 names of diocesan priests, including 16 deceased priests; no religious order priests were included, and no brothers or nuns. The list did not provide any information besides first and last name and whether the priest was deceased: no middle initials, no ordination years, no assignment histories, and no information about allegations.

Below we list the "new" priests on the Ogdensburg list. In order to identify the priests precisely, we have included middle initials, ordination years, and death dates, where we could determine them from the Official Catholic Directory , obituaries, and articles in North Country Catholic , the diocesan newspaper. Fay W.

The Jewish Floridian ( August 25, 1961 )

Joseph A. Robert O.

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Ronald J. Bruce T. Edward L. Edwin A. Emile G. James M. Roger M. Roland V. Albert R. Thomas D. George W. Michael A. James Mikus from ministry, and three graphics. We cached a copy of the post. The press release announcing the list stated that it was also included in documents given to the Nebraska attorney general "pertaining to church personnel accused of criminal sexual misconduct since For the cached lists, we cached the priests' information individually so that the cached copy captured the entire list. In the archdiocese's original list, only one priest in each section of the list displays at any one time.

Many bishops released statements about their John Jay College submissions , but very few named any accused priests.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

The main page on accountability comprised a letter from Bishop William Medley and links to the other elements, including the list of accused priests with expandable assignment histories, PDFs of Medley's letter in English and Spanish , a PDF of the list without assignments , background , and FAQs. That revision does not provide assignments. The Philadelphia lists provide photographs, assignment histories including time in treatment facilities, and current status. These pages had their beginnings in a page called Laicization Updates. The earliest version of this page that is available from archive.

The next stage of the list bundled all three categories together; we have created a PDF of the earliest version preserved at archive. See a news report on the release of the list. We have cached copies of the four sub-lists that the Pittsburgh diocese released in PDFs: 1 Those who are living and have been removed from ministry ; 2 Those removed from ministry who are now deceased ; 3 Those who were deceased when an allegation was made against them ; and a separate list of clergy of the Diocese of Pittsburgh against whom allegations were made which were not substantiated as child sexual abuse.

In the web versions, the list provides name, years active in the diocese, and status. Clicking on the name provides a detailed account of the priest, including details of individual reporting victims and the abuse they suffered.

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The announcement was made by Judge Michael J. Talbot, appointed as delegate the day before by Bishop Joseph R. Cistone, whose home and office had been raided by law enforcement stating that the diocese had failed to cooperate with an ongoing investigation.

Landwermeyer , SJ. Those revisions were incorporated into Kettler's original statement and list; we have cached a copy of the updated version.