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They harass my clients making the same claims mentioned in your article.

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Then once they are in a contract provide horrible service. I had one new client that told me she had been trying to get them to update the phone number on the Google Business listing YP setup for over a year. I wish there was a way that your article could show up on any Yellow Pages related search. Great post! More and more business owners come out with YP horror stories.

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Spending thousands of dollars in advertising with YP gets them nothing but telemarketing phone calls. Which YP proudly puts in the leads column.

Dana, If I already have a yellow page website and decide to build another one myself with a different domain name, will it be detrimental to my business as far as SEO ranking with google? What is the best course of action, because my google ranking with the yellow page site is horrible. Hi Terry! Can you get the domain name from Yellow Pages and build your new site at that domain? That can cause issues further down the road. So… how do I cancel my contract with YP? For all the reasons mentioned above, I want out of my contract before it gets renewed for another year. Any advice?

If you hired YP to do your website design or anything else, make sure you understand what you have access to before you end the contract, though. This is a very usefull post!

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I want to explain you my situation and see what you think. I would appreciate a LOT your opinion. Have a good day! Hi Doris! Check for a cancellation clause. They also have an auto-renewal clause in some contracts so watch out for that.

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Hi I have been paying for YP ad for a number of years and debating to cancel my contract. My contract renewed end of august this year and they renewed it automatically, even though I spoke to them and asked to give me a day to decide if I am renewing. Due to some personal issues I am currently dealing with I totally forgot.

I got the bill this morning and contacted YP, they said I have a limited time to cancel my renewal. How would I go about searching for this YP ad? I am not very internet minded.

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Hi Cat — you would have to get that from your YP rep unfortunately. Has anyone else been tricked into a contract with yellow pages? They offered our new business a 30 day free trial when we started up in the spring. We asked specifically that we would not have to sign up for a contract for the trial. We had refused their offer on many calls before since out business is only open for 6 months of the year and they only had a 12 month contract. The sales rep assured us it was just a trial and they would let us know how much their service helped us at the end and if we were happy would could sign up for the contract then.

If talked to senior managers and numerous other staff and they hold on tight to that recording being a valid contract and there is no way for us to cancel. I have one other business so far that had the same tactic used on them. I want to fight this and the more of us the better. The exact same thing happened to us been fighting to get out of it for months. They just keep sending us a bill in the mail that we said we are not paying since it was supposed to be a trail and so on just like you said.

Has anyone taken this to court?

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How do they manage to keep these bogus sales tactics going? They used the same one month free tactic to have our business agree to a one year contract. It was paid and cancelled but months later got another invoice. Account was not cancelled when we were told it was. This should go to CBS go public. The whole country should know about this. I have been trying to contact YP since April to cancel. The run around, transfer of account reps and no call-backs meant that the contract auto renewed because they stalled.

Very sneaky on their part. Little did I know, that was only the beginning. One thing I am not?

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A quitter. This does not end with them taking our hard earned money. For what? This is so frustrating and disappointing. We trusted them when we signed up and it has been a nightmare. I have been on the phone since early this morning. My time total spent on-hold has been about 2. Who has this kind of time? How are we to be heard? Why is this allowed to continue? I am dealing with the same issue.

I asked if he could call me back in 3 month, gave me some nonsense on how in order for him to call me back he needs my consent even tho i had asked him to stop calling me yet he called almost daily. After i agreed for him to call me back he used that as me agreeing to the contract and started charging me 3 months later with no phone call like we agreed upon. Does anyone know if a voice recording is an actual binding contract even when they refuse to prove it? Hi Justin! We would recommend speaking with a lawyer to see if a voice recording is a legally binding contract.

We are in a very similar situation to some of the last commenters.

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After asking them how they got our business name and info surprise: Google! Are they editing voice recordings?? Will this work, do you think? Hi Rose — you are not the first person to tell us this.