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How to view YouTube videos from people near you

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Get your free copy today! In general, the more people who watch a video, the more value it has to an advertiser or sponsor, and therefore the more revenue it is likely to generate for the content's creator.

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One of the most important priorities for people interested in profiting from YouTube content is to increase the size of their audience. One of the most fundamental best practices is to create rich, engaging content.

Five Ways to Get Views and Reach People on YouTube

Viewers come to YouTube looking to either be entertained or for a solution to a problem they face. By creating great content, it's more likely the video gets viewed and shared.

How to get people to actually watch your videos

Another way to increase viewership is for content creators to optimize their videos for YouTube search. Promoting the YouTube video through the use of social media and paid media advertising is another popular way to generate additional traffic to the video.

1. Create A New Property In Google Analytics

Youtubers are finding that direct-to-consumer, or DTC, sales are the best way to quickly monetize their following. Famous YouTuber Jeffrey Starr has made millions selling makeup. Even when all these best practices are followed, there are some revenue generation challenges that YouTube video creators face.

In addition to the production costs a video creator might incur, YouTube also collects close to the lions share of the revenue. Despite these challenges, people who are able to attract a large and loyal following can make a substantial income on YouTube.

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