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Same-sex couples waited hours to marry in Washtenaw County and three other counties around Michigan, taking part in an act that had been prohibited until the same-sex marriage ban was lifted on Friday.

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However, the Wilson-Ritcher wedding and more than others statewide may be at risk as a result of the stay of proceedings issued late Saturday by the U. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

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A stay is a legal action that suspends a particular proceeding within a case — same-sex marriage in this case. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette R requested an emergency stay shortly after the decision was announced Friday at 5 p. The Court of Appeals issued the stay later Saturday.

Washtenaw County MI Marriage Records

The stay will halt ceremonies until Wednesday. Schuette defended the state in DeBoer v. Snyder, filed in January Federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled Friday against the voter-passed Michigan Marriage Act, writing it was unconstitutional since it did not protect gays and lesbians equally under the law. She and her partner, Hazel Park resident April DeBoer, originally sued the state so they could jointly adopt their three special-needs children.

Chrissy George and Lauren Rosenberg from #annarbor getting marriage certificate today

Her fathers, Ann Arbor residents Joe Breakey and Peter Ways, married on Saturday during what they said was an amazing day that will promise their child legal rights. Ann Arbor Township residents Jennifer Gould and Gina Torielli, who were waiting for their marriage licenses on Saturday, said the added protection from state recognition. Statewide, before the stay went into effect Saturday night, more than couples wedded and more than obtained marriage licenses. Washtenaw County alone welcomed 74 new same-sex couples, while officials in Ingham, Muskegon and Oakland counties also processed marriage licenses.

These marriages may be recognized by the federal government, but not by the state.

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In December, a federal judge ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in Utah. However, a stay was issued in that state in January as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals considers the case.

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  5. Kestenbaum shook hands with Patch, 27, who had completed all the paperwork and was waiting for Fox, 23 to meet her in downtown Ann Arbor to get married. This settles it. In Ann Arbor, Gail Luera and Rachel Apgar stepped into the Washtenaw County Register Vital Records room and requested a yellow marriage form, freshly updated this morning to allow each applicant to choose female and female or male and male.

    Same-sex marriage ruling's ripple effect – historic celebrations of love

    The couple learned they will have to return after Luera learned she needs her California birth certificate. Still, the joy across their faces was undeniable.


    The Ann Arbor couple already live together and planned a July honeymoon in Hawaii in anticipation of the ruling. They were able to get their license later Friday afternoon and planned a ceremony at a later time. It's nice it can happen in our home state. It means a lot," Luera said. The Rev.

    Greg Briggs showed up at the Washtenaw County vital records office to offer his support and ordainment services in the wake of the announcement on Friday.