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  • How to configure wired TCP/IP Properties of my computer(Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10,Mac)? | TP-Link!
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If your network appliances support Jumbo Frames, select the appropriate MTU value for the network environment. Refer to the software specification page on the QNAP website for further details. Select auto negotiation and the NAS will automatically adjust the transfer rate.

Otherwise, the function may not work properly. In this case, enter "0.

Internet Protocol - IPv4 vs IPv6 as Fast As Possible

Click "Port Trunking". Choose a Port Trunking mode from the drop-down menu. The default option is "Balance-rr" Round-Robin.

See the Port Trunking options table below for option details. Select a Port Trunking group to use. Click "Apply". Click "here" to connect to the login page. Login to QTS. Active Backup Active Backup only uses one Ethernet interface.


General switches Balance XOR Balance XOR balances traffic by splitting up outgoing packets between the Ethernet interfaces, using the same one for each specific destination when possible. Broadcast Broadcast sends traffic on both network interfaces. Supports General switches Balance-alb Adaptive Load Balancing Balance-alb is similar to balance-tlb but also attempts to redistribute incoming receive load balancing for IPV4 traffic. General switches. Scenario Recommended Mode Remark 1 Without switch, connect to another device directly. None Do not use Port Trunking in this scenario.

Contact your ISP for the prefix and the prefix length information. Contact the ISP or network administrator for this information. If IPv6 auto configuration is selected, leave the fields as "::". After setting this option, devices and the NAS can share the network with each other.

Verifying your TCP/IP Settings | FiOS Internet | Small Business Support | Verizon

Connect one of the four ports Port to to an external network or a default gateway and connect your local devices to any of the remaining three ports. Since the default option is Switch mode, if this is your first time setting up this mode, you may skip Steps 2 and 3. Make sure that none of the four ports Port to is connected to an external network or a default gateway. There are three methods available:. To do so, please first set up authentication in "Domain Security". Wired connections will always provide greater stability and performance.


Secured network The Wi-Fi network requires a network key. Connect Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Edit Edit the connection information. Disconnect Disconnect from the Wi-Fi network. Remove Delete the Wi-Fi network profile. Show all Show all Display all available Wi-Fi networks. Incorrect key The entered security key is incorrect. Auto connect Automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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  4. Checking TCP or IP Address Settings.
  5. Enter the network name SSID of the wireless network and select the security type. Type in the security key. To edit IP address settings, click "Edit". WEP encryption must be used on Windows 7. The lease time refers to the time that an IP address is leased to the clients. During that time, the IP address will be reserved to the assigned client. When the lease time expires, the IP address can be assigned to another client. Refer to the DNS Server section in this chapter for more information. To do so, tick the option "If this adapter cannot reach the network, the system will use this second priority as the default gateway.

    Once the first priority is connected, the system will revert to it as the default system gateway".

    Developer Tools

    Note that this failover protection option is only available when both of the interfaces on the NAS are connected to the Internet. The default mode for Thunderbolt ports is to automatically assign IP addresses. Click "Refresh" to reload the Thunderbolt interface information. The specified network interfaces will be used for the next connected session.

    Use static IP address: To use a static IP address for network connections, select this option and enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Jumbo Frame: "Jumbo Frames" refers to Ethernet frames that are larger than bytes. Jumbo Frame is only supported by certain NAS models. Make sure the Ethernet interfaces are connected to the correct switch and the switch has been configured to support the Port Trunking mode selected on the NAS.

    Balance-rr Round-Robin. Active Backup. Balance XOR.

    TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)

    Active-Backup; Balance-tlb; Balance-alb. Balance-rr; Balance-xor; Broadcast; Private Network mode: Specify network ports on the NAS and distribute IP addresses to devices in the downlink for the creation of a private network. This function or its content is only available on certain models.

    Besides local user or group accounts, you can also grant access rights to domain users for USB QuickAccess. Click on the Protocols page, then click on the Add button. If you are not sure, ask your system administrator. Do you wish to use DHCP? Click on the No button. In the following steps a specific IP address will be given to this system. Enter the appropriate path and click on the [Continue] button. Proceed using the dialog to locate the Windows NT files. Click on the Close button in the Network applet. If needed click on the IP Address page.

    If the network is not connected to the Internet then any address can be entered as long as each of the four slots are filled with a number between 0 and , and the IP address assigned to each system is unique, with the exception that the number must be less than " If the network is connected to the Internet check with the system administrator for the IP adress that is to be assigned to this system.

    The system administrator may require knowing the IP address that is assigned to the system in order to guarantee a unique IP address for each system on the network.

    In the Subnet mask edit control type in " For the Default gateway check with the system administrator if there is a gateway and what the IP address for the gateway is. If in doubt this entry can be left blank and filled in later. Email Print.