China, U. Like Max Beerbohm, Knox calibrates his words until they attain the precise edge of irony he seeks. The passage above arouses in this reader pensive amusement with a hint of sadness.

The notion of a four-year-old even having a past to contemplate is funny — and poignant. They seem to inhabit two ages and have access to precocious wisdom. This stanza recalls the four-year-old Knox:. Left the warm precincts of the cheerful day,. Nor cast one longing lingering look behind? Or did it? July 26, Primary voting is six months away. GOP leaders made the case that the Trump administration has already made great strides in protecting the vote and they say no more funding is needed.

The New York Times. The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded Thursday that election systems in all 50 states were targeted by Russia in , an effort more far-reaching than previously acknowledged and one largely undetected by the states and federal officials at the time.

House committee leader questions Trump on efforts to secure elections. The Hill. Debbie Wasserman Schultz D-Fla. The letter was sent Wednesday in light of comments made by former special counsel Robert Mueller while testifying in front of two House committees. Mueller said that the Russians will likely try to interfere in the U.

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The House quietly passed legislation on July 23 that would expand cybersecurity research and development partnerships between several federal agencies and the government of Israel. The bill, introduced in March by Reps. Ted Deutch D-Fla. Applicants would be eligible for funding under the program if their project represents a joint venture between a U.

Chairman of House intelligence panel says he first learned of Russian attacks on Senate campaigns at a security forum. The Washington Post. Schiff D-Calif. The hacking attempts were also news to the National Security Agency and CIA officials he talked to later, the lawmaker said. July 22, As our planes, trains and automobiles become increasingly connected in cyberspace, a pair of lawmakers want to make sure manufacturers are doing everything they can to secure the vehicles against unwanted digital intrusions.

Ed Markey, D-Mass. The proposals come months after Washington D. Though the two bills call on manufacturers to follow best practices like isolating critical systems and frequent penetration testing, they avoid codifying any specific security measures, giving regulators the flexibility to update standards as the threat landscape evolves. The [legislation] will make sure our drive[r]s and fliers are all able to travel safely in the internet era.

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Will Congress finally see withheld cyber documents? Fifth Domain. After stonewalling congressional committees for nearly a year, the Trump administration has apparently finally agreed to share documents related to a new processes for approving cyber operations outside U. Marcus Hutchins, who stopped WannaCry's spread, avoids prison time.

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A British cybersecurity researcher best known for halting the spread of the global WannaCry ransomware outbreak two years ago will avoid prison for creating banking malware that surfaced in A federal judge in the Eastern District of Wisconsin on Friday sentenced year-old Marcus Hutchins to time served and one year of supervised release. The decision brings to a dramatic close a legal saga that has absorbed the cybersecurity community for years.

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  8. Hutchins created Kronos as a black hat hacker, a life he disavowed before the WannaCry ransomware virus infected more than , computers in roughly countries in May Louisiana declares state of emergency in response to ransomware attack. Ars Technica. This Wednesday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency in response to ransomware attacks on three public school districts. There's no word so far on which ransomware variant has hit the school districts or what the exact extent of damages is. Eddie Jones, principal of Florien High School a school in one of the three affected districts , told KSLA News that his technology supervisor received an alert on his phone at 4am Sunday about unusually high bandwidth usage.

    Shortly afterward, investigators discovered ransomware on the school servers. Jones says "anything and everything housed solely on the School District's servers" was lost, including 17 years of his own personal documents.

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    The Sabine and Morehouse district ransomware attacks this week follow an attack on the Monroe City school district last week. Morehouse parish claims not to have been affected to the extent of the other two parishes, and it states that "all major systems, including payroll, are operational. Defense contractors aren't securing sensitive information, watchdog finds.

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    Contractors routinely fail to secure the Defense Department's unclassified information from cyberthreats when it's housed on their systems and networks, according to a new report from the department's watchdog agency. The DOD inspector general released a report July 25 after reviewing how DOD information is protected on contractor's networks and systems. The IG found that contractors were not consistently adhering to DOD's cybersecurity standards, which are based on controls created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

    Specifically, contractors failed to use multifactor authentication, enforce strong password use, identify and mitigate vulnerabilities or document and track cybersecurity incidents. The user can see which parts of the user model have been used to control aspects, which appear in the document. View via Publisher. Open Access. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper.

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    Figures, Tables, and Topics from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Most of the readers of this post will not be interested in Dinnr itself. Instead, I will try to reflect on my 18 months and 12 days of entrepreneurship and see what I can come up with that will be applicable to any startup. People really liked the idea! So on the first day, we stacked the veggies and herbs, bought from wholesalers not from supermarkets, pah! We were taking advantage of economies of scale! We expected a torrent of orders.

    The torrent ended up being a trickle and we got knocked out of La-La land back into reality.

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    On the first day, we had exactly… 3 orders. I should have found that out in my initial market research, especially in my interviews. However, we committed the big mistake of presenting people with the idea and asking them if they liked it and would buy it. There never was a need for a service like ours in the UK in the segment that we picked urban professionals, couples without kids or with one baby max. And I deluded myself in thinking that there was, because I was eager to start my own thing and thought that this was something that I myself would use. So where does this discrepancy come from?

    Why are people enthusiastic about the idea but then end up not buying?