How the Pre-1907 Wisconsin Vital Records Collections are Organized

A list of free online divorce indexes is available here. Once you have the information you need, you can order a divorce certficate from Waukesha County Register of Deeds or the Wisconsin Vital Records Office. Wisconsin Vital Records Office allows in person searching of records.

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See their site to schedule an appointment or for more information. If you don't have the information to order a certificate, the Wisconsin Vital Records office will conduct a search for a nominal fee. If they don't have the record in their books, the money is kept for the search fee.

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Otherwise there is no search fee, just the amounts quoted for the records. For More information see the Waukesha County Website.

How to Order Wisconsin Vital Records

Wisconsin State Law states that only person named on the record, the immediate family of that person or anyone with written permission from the person named on the record or the person's family may get a "certified" copy of a birth certificate. A "non-certified" copy of a birth certificate is available to anyone who applies. Application is available at the Department of Public Health website.

An entry in the Wisconsin vital records often has this kind of secondary information. You may, however, be able to utilize this newly found data for your research project.

Wisconsin Divorce Records

If you feel some confusion, then you are not alone. There can be a lot to absorb when you are initializing genealogy evidence. Go ahead and ask yourself what you are trying to say with your genealogical project. The barrage of material out there can sometime lead you down a side track.

Locating Post-1907 Vital Records

Record on your notepad the relevant data when you are researching. Weed out the material you do not need for your archiving purposes.

The benefits of working this way will be noticeable. The Wisconsin vital records, when you are able to navigate through them, provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the past.

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  6. If you are able to be patient and you can take your time, then you will be able to exploit the facts you gather for good. You are preserving the past in your own way, and you should be commended by such a noble deed.

    Wisconsin Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage license and other vital records

    Good luck to you, genealogist, on your quest to bring alive the past again. Birth Certificates. Death Records. Marriage licenses. Related Links. Guidelines Please send web site additions and corrections to the webmaster. Box Madison, WI Fax: Earliest available records. Click here to search the Social Security Death Index. Click here for information.

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