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If your property is located in the U.

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If your property is located in Canada and the fiber cement siding was installed between January 1, and July 1, Submit all Sheathing warranty claims in writing within 30 days of the defect discovery. Include: a brief description of damaged area, a copy of the dated sales receipt, invoice and evidence of installation date, to:.

CertainTeed Gypsum W. Cypress St. For more information, contact your local CertainTeed Gypsum Sales Representative, or US — call Canada — call or To start a warranty inquiry or claim, Please contact the appropriate product warranty administrator below:. Submit all Gypsum warranty claims in writing within 30 days of the defect discovery. Gypsum Backerboard warranty claims should be submitted in writing within 30 days of the defect discovery. Please print, complete and submit the appropriate form; instructions on how to file and Consumer Services contact information are on the form. Complete all items on the form so concerns can be quickly addressed.

All requested information is required and necessary for the form to be processed; incomplete forms may delay the process. Upon receipt, Consumer Services will begin processing your claim. Register Your Product. Transfer Warranty Ownership.

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Cookies are pieces of information stored on your computer in simple text files which our server can read and record. A plain meaning analysis requires the term be associated with a meaning in a contract consistent with its common usage.

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Contracts are not rendered ambiguous simply because the parties to the contract disagree on a meaning. American States Ins. Maggio Co. Delta-Rail Corp. Ohio Casualty Ins. Upon disagreement, the intent of the parties is determined from the language of the agreement alone. See also Metro East Sanitary Dist. Village of Sauget, Ill. City of Warrenville, Ill. Therefore, an unambiguous contract must be enforced as written. Other jurisdictions of applicable law adhere to the plain meaning view when interpreting contract terms.

To be ambiguous in New York, there must be a term susceptible to more than one reasonable interpretation. Broadway Nat'l Bank, F. Ferraro, N. Liberty Mutual Ins. See also Wards Co.

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Stamford Ridgeway Assocs. In addition, courts in New York apply words used in insurance policies to be interpreted according to the plain meaning which a layman would ordinarily attach to them. Mount Vernon Fire Ins. Creative Housing Ltd. Again, ambiguity is not established simply because the parties disagree.

United States v. See also Omaha Indemnity Co. Lisa Realty Co. In re Kenston Management Co. In Florida the plain meaning view is consistently applied in interpreting unambiguous contract terms. Dimmitt Chevrolet, Inc. Southeastern Fidelity Insurance Corp. Safeco Ins. Krathen, So. Honey, So. Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Mears, So. Petersburg v. Int'l Assoc. Scottish Union and Nat'l Fire Ins.

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Ordinary rules of construction require assessment of the "natural or plain meaning" of policy language. Dahl-Eimers v. Mutual of Omaha Life Ins. Ohio courts also adhere to the "plain meaning" doctrine. Sunstream Jet Express, Inc. International Air Service Co. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.

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Hanover Ins. Mitchell-Peterson, Inc. City of Cincinnati, 51 Ohio App.

Equifax, Inc. Ohio Aetna, F. All jurisdictions of applicable law apply the plain meaning of policy terms. If a term is clear on its face, and is not susceptible to more than one reasonable interpretation, the term may be scrutinized within the full scope of the policy. Where an analysis of a term, and the term within the full scope of a policy, can have but one meaning, the plain meaning must be employed.

Therefore, ambiguity in an insurance policy exists only where the policy language is reasonably susceptible to more than one construction. In the instant case, Defendant must prove there is more than one reasonable interpretation of coverage to support a finding of ambiguity.

See Gulf Tampa Drydock Co. Great Atlantic Ins. Amoco Oil Co. This Court must determine if the term "asbestosis", viewed objectively, is ambiguous. The applicable law in the instant case requires this Court to follow the traditional approach to determine whether ambiguity exists in a contract. If a latent ambiguity arises, extrinsic evidence may be admitted to explain the parties' intent without adding to or contradicting the sanctity of the agreement. In Federal Deposit Ins. Grace and Co.