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You can do a reverse DNS lookup with host , too.

How to get Networked Computer Name from IP Address on a LAN

Just give it the IP address as an argument:. Another NS lookup utility that can be used for reversed lookup is dig with the -x option:. Reverse lookups -- mapping addresses to names -- are simplified by the -x option.

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When this option is used, there is no need to provide the name, class and type arguments. It depends on the context. I think you're referring to the operating system's hostname returned by hostname when you're logged in. This command is for internal names only , so to query for a machine's name requires different naming systems. For this reason, results from hostname will sometimes match results from dig see below or other naming systems, but often times they will not match. DNS is by far the most common and is used both on the internet like google.

Finding your computer's hostname or IP address

A Note that hostnames within a CDN will not resolve to the canonical domain name e. Also note that DNS hosts can have more than one name. This is common for hosts with more than one webserver virtual hosting , although this is becoming less common thanks to the proliferation of virtualization technologies. If you're not getting the hostname you expect, be sure you check this file. DHCP hostnames are queried differently depending on which DHCP server software is used, because as far as I know the protocol does not define a method for querying; however, most servers provide some way of doing this usually with a privileged account.

Find IP Address behind Domain name of Website using CMD

Again, this is usually done as part of zeroconf. Also note that just because a DHCP lease exists for a client, doesn't mean it's still being used.

This legacy system can still be queried with the nbtstat Windows or nmblookup Linux. The other answers here are correct - use reverse DNS lookups. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat.

Business Storage NAS - How to find the Hostname and IP address in Windows | Seagate Support UK

Learn more. Skip to main content. Querying DNS 1. Without DNS 1.

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  7. Tip The Group entry from the "nbtstat" approach tells you the name of the computer's workgroup. Resources 1 Network-Tools: NsLookup. I previously used something very similar to what god weaponzero. This method below is a lot cleaner, and it also works for numeric addresses.

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    Be cautious when looking up many hostnames. If your DNS server is slow to respond, you may have to pump up your Max execution time for your scripts, otherwise, it will timeout. I found that even 3 unresolvable hosts can cause a 30 second delay in processing. Turning on the HostnameLookup function on in the apache configuration file will severely increase the loading times of all the pages serviced by the httpd-server.

    I have observed that there are problems with all approaches that use the existence of an IP address to verify that the name being looked up actually exists. If you're using opendns, then a request to a non-existent server returns an IP address anyway, the address being one for an opendns server. This is process is presumably in place so that errant URLs in browser requests take you to a "legitimate" page, i. Unfortunately, that mechanism seems to occur for ANY non-existent hostname.

    Appending a single period to the hostname does not seem to help.

    Full Network Discovery

    If you need to store an IP addresses in a database, you can convert and store it in an INT type column 4 bytes. The functions below can convert IP addresses to its integer decimal value and vice-versa. Here is a simple function I compiled from user-notes that works great.. This function seems to be very slow on IIS 4. HostnameLookups On. I just spent a dickens of a time trying to figure out why my gethostbyaddr's were simply failing halfway through.