If there is an error message on the memo application, there are probably too many memos present on the PC and in the Scanner. After the HotSync, you may need to export these new memos, delete and perform one last HotSync. This will create a new HotSync account on the PC and then all the data from the scanner will be transferred into this new account. This works because the PC does not have any old data to transfer back into the scanner which is what sometimes causes the unit to quit while syncing the memos.

In the Palm Desktop program, Click on the Memopad Icon — left side of the screen — look for the same memos or transactions as shown on the device when you press the view data button on the device. In the Palm Desktop program, click the pull down menu item in the top right corner and make sure the same user or HotSync user name as the device just HotSynced is displayed.

You may be synchronizing with the Outlook. See screen shot below. Contact Support.

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Turn on your PC Speakers. Perform each of the steps below, in order. After each step, try to sync. Is HotSync Manager on? Are you using Windows Vista?

Perform a soft reset on the Handheld: This is a great trick for solving a number of problems. Alarms pending? Using a USB hub?

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Re-Install the Palm Desktop software Sometimes simply re-installing this software solves your issue. Reboot PC: This is a great trick for solving a number of problems that ensures the USB port and hardware are ready to recognize the new Palm Hardware when plugged in. Try Palm Desktop 6. NO: If the HotSync operation begins on your desktop computer but fails before it finishes, try these remedies in order.

After each step, attempt another HotSync operation. If the HotSync succeeds, you have resolved the problem and do not need to try the next step. Is the HotSync cable coming loose? Troubleshooting Question 3: Does the HotSync operation seem to complete, but your data does not appear where you expect it to be?

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Try these remedies in order. Uncheck Hide Private Memos to view. Enter Search Below. Latest Additions.

WPE Login. If you have a Serial Zire, it should be possible to test it by putting the Palm into hotsync and typing.

HotSync Troubleshooting for PCs - Tokenworks Support

Note: Do not have jpilot or other client open at this stage. Now, plug your device into the cradle, then into your computer i. Palm T3 , or straight USB cable i. Tungsten E, TX and attempt to hotsync. Run dmesg , the last few lines will refer to your palm. For those who are familiar with Arch, you know what to look for. Others, look for any text followed by numbers, such as sr0, sg0. Just take a note of this, you may or may not need it.

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Mine lists as:. Again, take note of which is listed. Mine is 'pilot'. Note: This will only show up when hotsyncing.

Where do I find my Hotsync ID?

If it times out, retry. If your user is in the group owning files in this file system that's the only configuration you'll need. In mine is vboxusers but it's very unlikely it's the default Open the settings menu. Now, first start a hotsync on your palm, then click the hotsync button in JPilot or KPilot. If all goes well, it will connect and start synchronizing. This will be quick, as it just does contacts, addresses, etc. The standards. There are no special conduits in the standard Jpilot, such as Documents-To-Go, so either find those on the Internet if they exist or make them yourself.

Next, do the same thing, but click the button below, for backup.

Palm OS 3.5 Development -- Part 2, HotSync Conduits

On first run, this will take a long time, but well worth while. This article or section is out of date. Palm devices come with built-in networking capabilities, as well as Bluetooth. If you also own a laptop, or have a USB Bluetooth adaptor, syncing over bluetooth, while being noticeably slower, is probably more convenient than keeping your sync cable handy. First, of course, you have to have bluetooth set up.

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  4. This page is for PC/Windows users who are having issues with a HotSync..
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  6. Bluetooth provides the arch-specific guide to that, its currently quite short, but I had no problems following it. Of course, there's also the forums to ask for help. Next, there's the actual setup for syncing. Basically, this involves setting up a small LAN over Bluetooth connection. I did this following the guide in [1] , the author of which followed the guide in [2]. Anyway, on to the real information.

    First we'd need to pair the Palm and your PC. If you're using Bluez, then use blueman-manager to search for your Palm make sure bluetooth is turned on and not hidden , then pair them the button is labeled 'bond', for some reason or other. You'd need to type in a verification pass-key. Alternatively, from the palm, search for your PC's bluetooth and set it as a trusted device.