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Recording details for the transfer on death deed; 4. A description of and property ID for the real property being transferred; 5. Official copies of any necessary death certificates; and 6. Anything else required by the local agency responsible for recording and maintaining land records. In Virginia, this is typically the office of the clerk of the circuit court. By recording such an affidavit, the beneficiary provides notice to the public of the change in ownership of the property. This is important because it helps to maintain a clear chain of title, or sequential record of owners.

A clear chain of title will simplify future sales or mortgages of the property, since it indicates a reduced chance of unexpected claims against present or future owners. Each situation is unique, so for specific advice, or to resolve more complex issues, contact a local real estate attorney.

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At Deeds. We constantly review and update our forms to meet rapidly changing state and county recording requirements for roughly 3, counties. We guarantee that you will receive access to the forms that you order and that those forms will be compliant with the recording requirements for the jurisdiction the forms were purchased for and the statutory requirements for content of the document.

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Transfer on Death Beneficiary Affidavit Form - Portsmouth City Fill in the blank form formatted to comply with all recording and content requirements. VA Circuit Court Deed Fee Schedule This detailed schedule lists amounts by instrument and includes taxes, both due at the time of recording. Banks F, December -. Culpepper, Jr. Page created by John Cardinal's Second Site v6. Based on a design by nodethirtythree design.

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She died at Henry Co. Milton Luther Pierce 3 March - 17 December He died at Henry Co. Services will be 11 a. Gerthel Jean Culpepper 14 November - 28 July Robert was born at Benton Co. Brooxie Nell Wheatley circa - 17 December She died at Big Sandy, Benton Co. Stockdale Main Funeral Home, Robert Fain Culpepper 29 October - 17 November William S. Culpepper c - Nov Lillie Vaughn c - 8 May Don was born at Talladega Co. Don was listed as a son in William S. Culpepper 's household on the Census at Kymulga, Talladega Co. Don was listed as the head of a family on the Census at Saint Francis Co.

He died at Saint Francis Co. Section 4. Mattie Hodges 21 March - 2 August Mattie was born at Saint Francis Co. She died at Saint Francis Co. Don Culpepper 25 October - 14 October Don Culpepper 25 Oct - 14 Oct Mattie Hodges 21 Mar - 2 Aug William was born at Saint Francis Co. He died at Palestine, Saint Francis Co. Omer was born at Saint Francis Co.

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Omer resided at Saint Francis Co. He enlisted in Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, Pulaski Co. Edna was born at Saint Francis Co. Larkin Culpepper c - bt - Nancy Alford c - bt - Haw on the Census at Kymulga, Talladega Co. Caledonia was born at Warren Co. As of 5 January , her married name was Whitman.

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