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Transcription, reproduction, loan, or sale of the indexes is not permitted. The data in the indexes is not available in electronic format for on-line access, with the few exceptions mentioned above. Requests for genealogy copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates held by the New York State Department of Health may be dropped off at the New York State Archives or at:.

Local registrars of vital statistics town, village, city, or consolidated county district hold registers of births, marriages, and deaths or for recent decades, duplicate certificates. Records for former towns in Kings County usually commence ; some of those towns have vital records for the later s. Long Island City records start in Post marriage records are held by the borough offices of the New York City Clerk. For addresses of borough offices, contact:. For further information contact the city clerk's office. Some county clerks hold marriage records for the period ca.

Estelle M. Guzik, ed. New York: New York State Department of Health. New York State Gazetteer. Albany: Gazetteer does not contain addresses and phone numbers of local registrars of vital statistics. Contact telephone directory assistance for phone numbers. Department of Health and Human Services. Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index. Work Projects Administration. Historical Records Survey. Churches, 5 vols. Prior to couples intending to marry were required to obtain licenses from and file bonds with the provincial secretary, if the impending marriage was not announced in a church.

We have the same situation with my mother-in-law who was born in Brooklyn back in and put up for adoption. She tried repeatedly to have access to her original birth certificate only to be repeatedly denied.

She died at 90 in Just not right! He had no interest in finding his birth family but told me once he passed we could pursue it. My sisters and I have health issues that we would love to pinpoint, and of course just trying to find where our biological family is from would be nice.

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I found the information of my birth mom for peace of mind. However, she was deceased and I did not connect with relatives. Found a half brother who was a manipulative.

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I am looking for the paternal side now. Obviously, the sisters of the mom were not close. Please consider requesting your medical records from the hospital you were born in. I was a foster kid, so I knew my last name. From there, I used Ellis Island information and was able to get many other records. I now have dual citizenship with Ireland. I have not done dna testing yet. Hi Ann — I have almost the same story — born in in Misericordia hospital to an unwed Irish immigrant couple; fostered through the NY Foundling Hospital and then adopted by my foster parents 2 weeks before my 14th Birthday.

I tried getting information from Misericordia but they claim all records from that time were lost in a fire. I did get lots of non-ID from the NY Foundling, but all names were redacted including my own that I already knew and used in my correspondence with them. What information can they give you and what information do you need to give them so that they can help you? Thanks you, Barbara.

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Hi Barbara I have the same beginnings. I have had no luck with getting information only a letter from the nuns there. What company did you hire to help you. Thank you, Barbara A.

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Did you try Ancestry? I am glad you are working on the behalf of adoptees, as an adult adoptee I look forward to opening the records of NY State up in Albany to find my original birth certificate. Please let me know of any updates for NY State for adult adoptees seeking there original birth certificates. My husband discovered 70 he was adopted thru the AncestryDNA.

Whats so frustrating is the Adoptive and Biological parents are dead. Whats the harm at this stage of knowing his history. He has been welcomed by the bio fathers family that found him.

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We have know the biological mother but there is sibiling born before him. They have a right to know each other. She found out through the Adoption Registry and the successor agency to Louise Wise Services that her birth mother is deceased. She just wants to know her medical history and whether she has any siblings.

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She DNA-tested and discovered that he was probably Panamanian. She is still looking. I recently did AncestryDNA. If they are on my birth mothers side, I would be a skeleton in her closet. Two of my ancestry DNA cousin matches are trying to find out how we are related, but both admit it was so long ago and they have lost contact with a lot of their family. The two ancestry DNA matches have been so kind to me.

I would like to know what medical problems ran in my birth families. Ancestry Stopped doing direct family connections.

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Up load your DNA to another site you will get better results and closer related. Would he have to take another kit or is there a way to get it from Ancestry? You will find other matches, but it seems that you already have great matches on Ancestry…. GedMatch is free to upload, and it allows you to compare his matches to people who tested with other companies, not just Ancestry.

You can apply for an original NY birth certificate after January 1, They changed the law. Can you let me know what you know. I am one of these same closed-adoption in in NY people and believe I know who my birth parents are. However, my birthmother is still alive but in frail health and the other is the sister of my birthfather.